Friday, September 18, 2015

Preparations For Farming

Went to Office Depot and had my book spiral bound for less than 4 dollars in about 15 minutes.  (I highly advise you leave and not watch the process - I briefly paused and watched him break the binding by folding it book loving self almost cried out in pain!!)  It does look very nice now though and will be much more usable as it easily stays open to each page.
 Had just enough time during my wait to find a beautiful binder in their clearance section (who wouldn't want yellow?) and a package of plastic sheet protectors.  

I plan to store the patterns before(most of this will be paper pieced, I think) and then the finished blocks with any notes after construction in these.  Conveniently, there were 100 in the pack and there are 99 blocks.  I have learned that this system keeps "stuff" together in projects like these by doing some of Barbara Brackman's QALs.

I need to improve my storage of 30's fabric for this project though as it is mostly in the "pile stage"  :)

I dug out my 6 1/2" ruler, perfect for trimming and squaring up!

 This is the paper I am using for the paper piecing patterns...the book comes with a cd for printing at home the templates and/or paper piecing patterns.  I bought this paper at Target but the office supply stores and teacher supply stores have it too.  It needs to be trimmed down to use in the printer as it is 9 x 12, but the difference in cost between this and the ones you can buy already the right size is worth it to me.

Ready for 30's Farming!!!

In actual farm news...Pears were pretty thin on our 2 trees this year...
We really enjoy pear butter so I went ahead and canned what I could...won't last long though!

I think the apples are about ready so there are a few more of those, thank goodness!!


5 comments: said...

You will appreciate having your book spiral bound. Good idea about the binder and the sheet protectors.

Patty said...

Great tips on getting the book spiral bound and the paper. I've got a supply of 'official' paper piecing paper that will hold me for a bit but I'll consider trying that in the future. Happy farming!

Jeanie said...

Thanks for these great tips! I had no idea that you could get regular books spiral bound. ;)

Linda said...

Great ideas Kris! I will have to dig out my sheet protectors and a binder. I bought a ream of newsprint (500 sheets) on Amazon for cheap. It is great for paper piecing and I don't have to cut it to fit the printer.

Carol Swift said...

So many great ideas! That book looks huge which makes me hyperventilate just thinking about sewing what's in there. LOL I think I'll just watch you make that quilt.