Friday, November 15, 2013

Having A Bit Of Quilty Fun

So I have been a crazy lucky girl this week...I joined the Quilty Fun SAL hosted by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet and The Fat Quarter Shop...the link to the Flickr group is here.  The first block/section and probably my favorite in the whole quilt was the Apples

 You need both the pdf download and the book to get all the info for making these sections as this quilt along is making a Sampler Quilt which is a bonus quilt not included in the book. You can order the book here and the free pdf link with the additional necessary info is on Kerry's blogpost.

The Fat Quarter Shop is hosting great giveaways every Monday as we go through completing this sampler and your entry for each giveaway is posting your sections in the Flickr group.

I was lucky enough to win the first giveaway...I know, so lucky...Thank you, thankyou Fat Quarter Shop!!!  It was a Rolie Polie from Lori's Gracie Girl line and I was thrilled to find it in my mailbox yesterday...The Fat Quarter Shop has amazing quick shipping!!  I was really pretty stunned at how quick it came!

 Gracie Girl 3.5" Rolie Polie Lori Holt for Riley Blake DesignsThis strip set contains  3 1/2 strips of the Gracie Girl collection...I was planning to use my Polka Dot Stitches fabric from Lori's earlier line for this Sampler and adding this Rolie Polie to the mix will give me lots of Lori Holt fabric goodness to choose from.

So late last night I got straight to work making my stars for this to join us?  If you get your stars in the Flickr pool by Monday maybe you will be crowing about your win next ;)  Good Luck!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Let It Snow Already...I'm Gonna Quilt!

 I guess it's November so I shouldn't complain about an inch of snow...just play with triangles instead of rake the leaves, eh?
I think I like where this is headed...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Little More Doctor, Please!

So I skipped to block 9 in the Doctor Who Along hosted and designed By Soma and, I am still many blocks behind...

 Meet a far from perfect but well-loved Cyberman...I skipped to this one because I am behind anyway and my son made this for Halloween...
 Yes, he carved the word UPGRADE into his jacko'lantern...

Also, somehow I was the lucky recipient of Soma's giveaway...well, let's say it like it is, son is the recipient...Soma even wrapped it fancy!

A Dalek keychain/LED flashlight and a River Song Tardis journal...fantastic!

These are my other Who Along blocks so far...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

For the Boys Hop - My Day

Thanks to Amy and Mdm Samm as always for including me in another fun hop.  They are so good to keep offering up fun design prompts and keeping us organized and on the proper days!!  And the inspiration, ah, all know what fun it is to see all the different projects on these hops...

So, onto mine...

First off, an apology...I had visions of 9 18" finished blocks in a finished quilt't.happen....I only have 4 blocks done and life got in the way...unfortunately.  I hope to show it soon but it's just not in the cards for today.

So, I have a fun project to show you instead that I think little boys would find to be fun to play with...if the way to a man's heart is his stomach...the way to a little boys may well be through pretend food!  You can find the pattern and directions here
 As you can see, I have a little bakery box to put this felt cherry pie in...

And the lattice crust adds an extra fancy touch.  I have made many of these for nieces and nephews and took to reducing the pattern down so that I could put them in mini metal tart pans purchased at the store.

P.S. this makes a fun pincushion too!

I hate to say anything because it looks like she's shut her business down from the search I did but this pie originally comes from this lovely business and below are a couple other things made with her patterns...I suppose you could still make them with your own inspiration as she has beautiful pics here....I wish I had bought more of her patterns while she was in business.  I've made boxes of this type of play food for nieces and nephews and it has always been a hit.  The boys especially like the pancakes, bacon, and fried eggs, I've found :)  Another special request I have had is Chicken Mcnuggets which I suggest if you make these to get a container from McD's to put them in as they look like something else otherwise....ummmm, nuff said!!
 Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a slice of cake...

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Thanks for letting me show an oldie but goodie from my past crafting!

And, please visit everyone else who is posting today...

November 7th