Monday, January 22, 2018

All the Things

I am having trouble with focus...yes, I many cute new things on the internet to make and is hard to stay on task and clean my sewing room and finish projects started...

Like this Corgi kit which arrived late last week...I had to drop everything and make him yesterday...
 He is a free Fluffmonger pattern...but oh my, the fleece she sends if you buy the kit - it was a dream to work with.  The pattern was very easy to follow and the kit I just cannot praise enough, wonderful natural fleece material to work with and the way she cuts and layers and places the fabric pieces in the just guaranteed success. Even the way the box opened flat, I was able to use it to pin the material down onto it to trace the pattern easily.   
He is supposed to be a bit more fit, able to hug his heart...I may have stuffed him a bit chubbier than the design calls for but I love him anyway.
And here are my Brimfield Blocks 5-7:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Temperature Quilt A Long

I had admired the Temperature Quilts that Mary from Needledmom and her sister made last year...Check them out here, so interesting to see the differences in a quilt from California and Alaska!  Mary suggested a QAL this year and so I am IN!

Anyway, I have been wanting to play with a solids quilt and this seems like a fun thing to try...of course I am bending the rules already and am doing HST's instead of the  square in a square blocks they are doing.  I chose a 2 inch finished size and raided my stash for solids to create the temperature range.
 Most don't have labels...should be interesting if I run out of a certain shade!!  :)
This is the first 9 days of January here in northeast Indiana.  

As a sidenote, Fat Quarter Shop had a generous sale on a wool pressing pad and I am trying it out today.  You can see it above, I think I am a fan!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Beautiful Gift

I struggled a bit to get pictures that fully show the beauty of a package that my friend Soma sent to has not kept me from using them though!
She made me some gorgeous mitts from the warmest color of yarn awhile ago...then she surprised me with  a beautiful hat to match.  I had an idea I was getting the hat (cozy and toasty and quite beautiful on my head in these negative temperatures we have been having) but it was a complete surprise when she shared this beautiful table runner and napkin set.  They are so well stitched, she has such a talent for cross stitch.  I need her to share how she got such perfect round berries too, I wish you all could look at this in person, it is just wonderful.

Thank you friend for sharing your beautiful talents with me, I will treasure them. I think they pair well with my grandma's Christmas ornaments and her carnival glass bowl :)

You didn't know but I have been playing a bit with cross-stitch does not compare to your beauty, but I have been getting the hang of it...this is a Frosted Pumpkin pattern

Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 - That's a Wrap, Bring on 2018

Sorry for my tardy wrap up of the year, I have been enjoying a bit of time with my son who is a senior in high school and is usually just a blur as he goes from his classes to his volunteer work and his paid job to his outings with friends.  He has so many deadlines right now, it is a bit stressful to keep up.  A mom needs to soak up the down time when it presents itself :) So I did!  We even went to the Star Wars movie this week...of course he went to the premier with a friend opening night but he was willing to come along and see it a second time with me and his grandpa...good son :)

I really was fairly pleased with this year's batch of finishes...the goal of the year was finish up the UFOs...
Such as this X-Plus quilt started way back in 2013.
This finish is a Buttermilk Basin (free at the time) Block of the Month that I was glad to complete this year!
This is a quilt I modified from a Bonnie Hunter Christmastime mystery sal from 2013.

And this is another Buttermilk mystery qal finish.
But not all my finishes were oldies...this is the Long Time Gone Quilt from this year's sal.
This is my Colfax County Quilt finish from this year.

 These quilts were the finished objects for 2017 and there were many other fun projects started that I will continue on into this next year. 

On another note, I would like to thank these two ladies for the lifts of joy they sent me...

Does my friend Patty know me?? yes I believe she knows me nice for her to share a bit of the scraps from her EPIC quilt in yellows this year, what a sweet fabric card, my fave color, fave quilt block, fave fabric from that quilt, matchstick quilting.  Just so perfect  :)  I am going to hang this on my wall of minis!

And my friend Colette also appears to have heard me shouting about how much I love a good yellow and she sent me a box of sunshine, what a fun thing to find peeking from my mailbox today, it is beautiful - thank you :)

I am behind in blogging my progress on the Brimfield Blocks, I am currently about halfway done with number 7 so I will try to get those posted in the next day or two.

Happy 2018 my friends!