Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Farmer's Wife Blocks 12 & 16

Here is my Farmer's Wife block #12 Becky...because I live an out of order type of life... and the other qal here at GnomeAngel posted these this week.   I am not sure how these two qals will match up, Kerry's is the one I started with...but I am thinking this might motivate me to finish quicker than a year from now? maybe?  I know I always am more motivated to do these things at the start.

I thought that these two blocks would be perfect to showcase the measly amount of 30's yellows I have in my stash.  The letter attributed to Becky is titled "Quit Merely Existing" and is quite inspirational suggesting we not ignore our obligations but to make sure to live a full life in between!!  Have I mentioned how much I love these little letters from the past?
This is the other out of order block for today, Bonnie #16.  I also love her letter and wish I could quote from it directly.  I will just say that she suggests we live our life with "lovingkindness", this woman has a beautiful spirit and wonderful faith.
This is how I have decided to store my FW1930sqal fabric, it is a Reisenthel basket I bought on clearance years ago and all fabric plus the book fits well with space for...dare I say...a bit more :)  Maybe a bit more yellow to balance out all that pink and some more solids, perhaps?  I am loosely storing them ROYGBIV style with the solids tucked in the front.
Sorry for the poor photo, it just started to rain as I was taking it so there are...ummm...buckets, and ahem...stuff in the shot as well.  I ask that you focus on the fabric and my ingenious method of storage and ignore the mess, lol!
In life outside sewing news, I am a bit more than halfway through applesauce preserving for the winter.  Much of what I have made has already been eaten or given away :)  This is what remains so far.  About a half bushel of apples remains to make more jars of applesauce and a full bushel is left of apples to just eat as is!  We have been richly blessed with a good apple harvest this year, for sure.


Patty said...

Love the new FW blocks! (Would love some apple sauce too!) :-)

Aunt 'Reen said...

I love both of these sweet FW blocks!
Looks like you're making great progress on the applesauce canning!

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I am not a yellow girl, but DH loves yellow, and I find myself looking for yellow all the time. Love the blocks, and the book sounds great. (Fabric enabling---maybe you should purchase some yellow there are so many cute reproductions coming out lately. )

Soma @ inkTorrents.com said...

Love yellow and apple sauce too! Need I say more? :)