Saturday, April 27, 2013

Workshop Finish

Don't know if this will happen ever again, but I finished a bag during the workshop this afternoon...
The pattern we were using was the Midi bag...and my friend Linda taught the class.

Linda is the.most.awesome.teacher.ever!  :)

I wish I had bolts of this Mama Said Sew line from Moda's all the prints and the bag will be perfect for hauling around sew-to-go projects.
Yay!  For finishes!  I believe everyone went home with a finished bag today!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workshop Preparation

I am participating in a workshop to make the Midi bag...and my friend Linda gave me this homework, because I talk and visit a bit much to get anything done in a few hours, lol!!
I still love, love, love this fabric line from Sweetwater Mama said Sew and I think it will be fun to have a bag made from it, yay!

Now I need to bake some cookies, because all that hard work will require sustenance...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Hop for those of us who need HELP organizing our Sew-to-Go Projects

If you move quick you may be able to secure a spot in the next Sew We Quilt Blog hop...

Sew we quilt

This hop is for a bag designed by Madam Samm to help us organize our sew-on-the-go projects...I can't wait!   Are you going to join us?  Go to Sew We Quilt and sign up!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Certain Spider gets with Kaffe Shot Cotton and Becomes a Pincushion

 I was dealing with a nasty sinus headache a good portion of today but I managed to play with some Kaffe Shot Cotton scraps and some Heather Ross Itsy Bitsy Spider fussies...

If you don't have this book, I urge you to get it :)  This pattern along with many other fabulous projects are contained inside...and there is a Flickr Sew along here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Next block for the Barn Along Done

Lori Holt from Bee in my Bonnet has posted the next barn design for her Barn Along and she chose one of my favorite block patterns...the churn dash!!

Sorry for the pretty awful picture, it's been raining a lot around here...but this is my version, she has a tutorial suggesting borders and sashing which I haven't done yet because I have chosen a more limited color palette and haven't completely decided what I am going to do with the setting.

You can find all the patterns at Lori's blog here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oopsie...Mug Along Crossed Wires...Sorry Billie!

If you are looking for my Sew We Quilt's Mug Rug Hop Post, you can find it here...

I am late on this post because I misunderstood the schedule plans on this...which should have posted Sunday...Sorry Billie...

I saw this new Block of the Month designed by Kate Spain show up at the Moda Website and knew I wanted to join in...

In From the Cold by Kate Spain
In From the Cold (free pattern), go to Moda's site here.

This is my version of Block number 1...

While I was at it, I talked my friend Billie into joining me...we are going to post together as we finish each mug.  I have chosen to use up my odds and ends scraps from Kate Spain's prior Christmas fabric collections and Billie has chosen a completely different sure to check hers out here.  I love her fussy cutting :)

The pattern is pretty easy to follow as long as you "get" the paging back and forth to keep from repeating the steps for each block...hope you join us!  I think we're posting together next time but I am going to have to make sure I understand the plan better going forward ;)

edited to add:
Prayers for the city of Boston, and all the marathon participants and spectators...we had 3 of our church family there and are thankful to find out that they are safe!

Monday, April 15, 2013

April Showers Mug Rug Blog Hop

Oh, how I love a good blog hop...and Mdm Samm and Erin are great at providing the most fun ones around!  I was quick to sign up and lucky to get into this one...

So many of us admire these small projects, these "Mug Rugs"...I have seen countless swaps dedicated to them.  I had never made one though until it came time to participate in this hop!  I am a bit afraid of crumbs and coffee being spilled on my handiwork!!  True confessions...I am considering a coaster between my mug and my rugs!!!

I decided to make two for this round and they both are dedicated to things that make me smile...

The first is a tip of the ballcap to Mr Springsteen, whom I adore, and his song about getting older...Cadillac Ranch...

 These are 3 Cadillacs nose down in the dirt, just like the song says...

 I thread painted the details on the cars and hand embroidered the wheels and tires...

 I am a bit proud of how the tires came out...

And I had a most excellent mug (although I had to add 2 other year models to my lineup) for inspiration that I found at Target this last may note the mug has not made it onto the rug, lol!

My second inspiration is a little bug who I look for all summer and consider it a lucky day when I find...the Praying Mantis...

 My son took these pictures last fall when one was kind enough to "drop by" the house...

 And here is my "rug" which is most decidedly inspired by the drawings of Charley Harper
 Lots of hand embroidery detail and machine thread outlining

Here he is nestled in the daffodils we were lucky enough to enjoy this weekend...

I went with one of my favorite orange mugs for this one but a search of Amazon told me there are several praying mantis mugs there I could choose from...wouldn't have believed it, but there you go.

Please visit all the fine folk I share this day with here

Cathy @ Cate's Linens
Nicola @ Sunshine Reflections
Martina @ Sunshinequilting
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Anita @ Anita's quilts en handwerken
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Marisa @ Passion et Couture

Happy April!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beejeebers April block

Lindsay asked for a 24" Wonky Improv block using this tutorial for April's Beebeebers Bee...

Here is my version...
A few comments about this's not hard, really...but if you haven't done curved piecing, I wouldn't suggest this for your first block.  Mostly because the pinning is only intuitive if you have some experience pinning curves.  When you do a traditional curved block there is a set beginning and a set end which you ease into with the pins and with this it is somewhat arbitrary to look at where the beginning and end are.  That said, you start the pinning in the middle for either so it is basically the same steps...just wonky...Clear as mud?  Thought so :)
This is supposed to be a "scrap block" but with the large pieces necessary I found I had to use material I had yardage of to have's more a "scrap generating block" as I ended up with lots of "after scraps" for sure.

I think I may have forgotten to post the Beejeebers March block which was for Laura...thank goodness she already has them and I'm just late posting to the blog...she asked for Lori from Bee in my Bonnet's mittens...

Now I need to make time to make that whole Row Along quilt!  The mittens were easy and fun to do!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

April Modern Stash block and Happy Mail!!

Nanette (Amplifiedtorock) asked for Warm Colored Stars this month for the Friends Hive of the Mo' Stash bee...

These are my versions and you can find the tutorial we're using from Faith at Fresh Lemons here

In other news...I got happy mail today from Lori at Bee in My Bonnet.  If you read here often, you are aware that I adore her barn-along and I entered and won her giveaway recently for a FQ bundle of her fabric line Polka Dot Stitches...I know!!  What?!!!  Such a generous prize, I am so grateful to win!!  It is even prettier than this in person...and the ribbon surrounding it?  gorgeous!!
taken from
Ummm....I am thinking I may use it to make the scissors pattern I bought from her at Christmastime...decisions...decisions...

Also, the newest Mug Rug Blog Hop has started, you can find the schedule day is April 15th.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hello Moon April block done

Here is my version of April's Hello Moon can find the pattern here.

Lots of fun things in the works...Monday starts the Mug Rug hop and my day is the following Monday.

Have a great day :)