Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Let it Snow...ummm...I Guess!

I have been happily making Buttermilk Basin's mystery QAL with Japanese fabrics and wool all year but it is starting to get scary to say it out loud now as we have had our first snowfall of the season on Saturday.  Really big flakes but nothing stuck to the ground as the day before it was 70 degrees.

 It is icy raining now so I had to make do with indoor is prettier than this in person.  I will try for an outdoor picture this weekend.

There are finishing directions posted now and I am going to, as usual do my own thing but I am using part of the pattern.  I am picking fabrics for the trees now.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Last Photos of Fall

A little vignette from my walk yesterday, predictions are for 20s at night by the weekend so I believe this might be the  last gasp for Autumn...
 Oddly enough, this is my favorite time of fall, right before winter...ya, not much of a fan of winter weather but I love it when the golds start taking over.
 Leaves make THE best sounds crunching through the woods!  :)
I am a success at bird watching, I saw the most magnificent bald eagle !!!!! in these woods yesterday - but I am a dismal failure at bird photography as I just stood with my mouth wide open and no camera in hand...I am keeping an eye out in case it! what a sight!

Be well, my friends.

Monday, November 7, 2016

How About You Share Your Best Cookie Recipe with all your close bloggy friends, Like me?

Come join in the blog hop virtual cookie exchange fun this year and go visit my friend Carol to sign up...

I played along last year and it was great fun!  You can find my post from last year here...

Friday, November 4, 2016

Wandering Camera - November

Today I am linking with my friend Soma's Wandering camera series, check out the others here...

These pictures are mostly from my walk this morning:
 The trees are on fire in red this morning.

 A picture of our flag what with the election happening next week.
 My poor zinnias think it is still summer...

So do the daisies, they look like they may try for another bloom but I don't think they will get it in before another hard frost.  Anybody up for a game of frisbee golf?
 This pumpkin...hmmm, really? blossoms in November?  See the wee grasshopper?
 I will leave you with this picture my son took of our cat wearing her Halloween hat...I shared it last post, but you mind a second look?  :)

Please be sure to visit Soma and the others in her linky!!

Have a great day!