Thursday, February 28, 2013

Confessions of a QAL addict...

My name is Kris and I have a problem...there are just too many cute projects in blogland...

Like this one...

You can find the QAL and  pattern for Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet's new QAL here.  I started with a nine patch but her first block is a weathervane.  I needed immediate gratification this afternoon so a nine patch seemed reasonable to me...

I recently bought that red daisy print and just couldn't resist a Barn, really...

Perhaps I should change my blog name to KrislovesQALs...or Krislovesbloghops...

What are the Qals that have sucked you in lately?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And Sew On QAL

I didn't do the first block for this QAL but this one caught my's called You Little Ripper and can be found at Kristy's Quiet Play blog.

Sorry for the awful pic but there is quite the ice storm out my window right now, lol!!

This is a 10 inch finished block and was a challenging paper pieced pattern. While I am satisfied with the piecing,  the handle on the seam ripper is off a bit...interestingly, the quilt block squares are all pretty "on"...hmmmm....

A bit of fun for my afternoon anyway....and, yes, my real life ripper was used in the construction of this block!

Monday, February 25, 2013

March is My Month For Modern Stash Quilting Bee

I have really enjoyed the newest Flickr Bee that I joined this year, Modern Stash Quilting Bee, I mean, who can beat having Tom Selleck for a mascot...


And, here we are at March…and my choice…how exciting…

I decided to go with the somewhat current InstaGram craze although I am not even on IG, lol!

The Scrappy X Plus block re-sized to be a 12” finished block. 

This is the inspiration quilt blocks from Bijoulovely that I fell in love with...

And these are my first blocks I have made...

This is the tutorial for the construction of the block  but the measurements she uses are for a smaller block

The measurements needed for the pieces to make a 12 inch finished block can be found here (along with many beautiful blocks):

Can't wait to see what my bee-mates come up with!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's All About Me Blog Hop

Today is my day for the It's All about Me Blog Hop


Thanks to Mdm Samm, Amy Bradley, and  Marlene for creating, providing a pattern and hosting/cheer-leading this event.

Now, if you've read my blog in the past you are aware that I tend to bend the rules on these things and while I liked Amy's pattern she didn't speak to me until I altered it slightly to look like my Quilt Muse...

Presto, here she is...

I couldn't decide what to have her say...

My choices I came up with were:
1. Girl, Go On...Quilt!
2. Go On Girl, Buy the Bolt!
3. Your Stash Needs Something...Better Go Shopping!

I ended up going with choice number #2.  I used a font in Microsoft Word and hand embroidered the message...then I stretched her over a frame like this project and she is now egging me on in my sewing room...can you say enabler...

Now please go visit all the Me-types sharing this day on the Blog hop...
 Thursday, February 21

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Monday, February 18, 2013


Yay!  April at Making Ends Meet blog is starting a new QAL,

Hello Moon at April's Making Ends Meet

Remember the Hello Sun QAL from last year?  April is hosting Hello Moon this year...Oh, YAY!! No blog button yet on this one.

Here my block 1 for February...

You can find the pattern at April's blog here.

And I am seriously wanting to do this one too, if I can squeeze it in with all the UFOs I need to do...

Jingle Belles by Erin Russek

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My DQS13 package came!

My DQS13 package came yesterday afternoon...

Thanks so much to Caa48 (Cynthia), I don't think she has a blog but I so appreciate that she took the time to sew for me!! Even the mailer she sent is pretty :)

And, I am mighty impressed with her fabric, no...Ms. Koseki...we haven't met before in person, but how lovely you look in pink...if you feel you need your own... I found a different colorway here at BLIJE OLIFANTJE cuz you sure aren't getting mine, lol~!
And, if you have a moment...I have decided to include a blog plug for new-to-me bloggers I notice out there once in awhile and these two deserve a look...

stop by Derrith's blog Tied Up in A Ribbon...and be sure to check out this cake...I'm in love!!

and Katie's blog Snuggle Up With A Dish From Karma I met her while "hopping" this week.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop

So here we are, another fun blog hop and today is my stop on your tour...

A big thank you to Mdm Samm and Jane for creating and hosting/cheer-leading this Valentine-esque party.

I have been busy and have two projects to show you...

the first is a Conversation Hearts block, Krislovesfabric-style:

a few of the above hearts were consumed in order to give me proper inspiration...

 I chose the words: Quilt, Sew, and Dream to be my messages.

If you would like to make something similar, you can find a heart template here.

My second project is a pattern/kit I won from Michelle and the Bunnies at The Raspberry Rabbits.  They have started a Mid-Month Madness giveaway and I drew the lucky straw, yay!!
The pattern is called Rabbit Romance and it is totally perfect for this, red, and hearts along with too-cute bunnies!!
This image taken from

 I made my version a table topper and added a 3 inch border rather than the pattern's suggested 12 inch pillow.  This picture shows it resting on my stitching armchair :)

This pattern was very easy to follow and the kit that she provided is Valdani thread goodness and National Nonwovens quality felt.   If you want your own Rabbit Romance pattern and kit you can see if she has any left  here in her store.

Thanks for visiting me today and please be sure to visit all the others participating in the hop...

Wednesday February 13th

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scrappy X block for Jamie in the Beejeebers Bee

This is February's block for the Beejeebers Bee.  Jamie chose a Scrappy X block using her own tutorial here.

This block went together fairly straight-forward but I think I should have paid more attention to having bigger patches on the ends...there is a fairly significant "trim-up" at the end which nipped that orange print on the lower left corner fairly small!!  Note to self: read through instructions closer before beginning...everyone has a different approach and it is important to know and plan for such things as major trim-ups...

Tomorrow is my day for the

So be sure to stop back.

I also wanted to share a few pics from a project I did for this hop...


I said at the time that I was trying to reproduce the look of our beanfield with blackbirds in it which happens a that was back in October and would you believe it wasn't until February that my hubby was able to snap these pics, lol!!

They are a sight to see all bobbing their heads about and talking to each other, reminds one of this movie...but my son uses the quilt as a bed quilt and sees nothing odd about that at all, lol!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The One With the Feathers

Here's what I've been up to...

Feathers...Anna Maria Horner style!!  You can find the free tutorial here.  

These are prettier in person as well as bigger than I thought they'd be after seeing them show up all over the web.  

Liz asked for them for February's block for the Mo Stash bee.  I will be sad to see them go and have decided I must make more...

She asked for low volume backgrounds and mentioned text but my text prints are pretty high contrast so I went with a white tone on tone from my stash and some new Basic Grey Vanilla Grunge (second from the left) I got at Christmas...yum!  I think this may be my new favorite background!