Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hodgepodge of Things and Halloween

I can't resist sharing our Kitty Kitty and her Halloween costume...

Of course she is an octopus...

Here is where I am at with the stitching of her portrait - 

 And I am working on the Let it Snow free wool BOM from Buttermilk Basin again...

Here is the "T" in Let -

 I love the stitching details in these blocks!!  And I hope by the time I finish it I will be ready for snow - not feeling quite ready yet!

 Look at the lettuce bed, I am still feeling like spring!
Of course, the trees say fall...

Hope your weekend has been wonderful!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Nose and Fur Stitching

I am following along with Nicole of Follow the White Bunny and her newest stichalong project for a Cat Portrait.  This is where I am at right now...

 I am a bit worried that the fur stitches may be a bit blocky but I like the raised texture and subtle orange as my Kittykitty is an orange cat but not an in your face orange coloring.
This is the photo I am working from.

 And, just is a frog photo bomb...he was hanging out on my kitchen door and I couldn't resist - pretty little guy :)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Wandering Camera - October

Today I am linking with my friend Soma's Wandering camera series, check out the others here...
  These pictures are mostly from my walk this morning:
 Soybeans are about ready to harvest...

 The leaves are just beginning to show some color...

 The garden has lost most of it's vigor but the green peppers are still thriving...
Happily, the fall greens are starting to look pretty good.

In stitching news, I added the "eye twinkle" to this project...

 And Miss Kittykitty approves.
 The sunflower is ready to harvest, and take to the hens.
 These are some photos from the Labor Day weekend in Auburn, I thought I would share since not everyone is so lucky to see these beautiful cars.  We are fortunate to see them every year.
 This is my hands-down favorite....big beautiful boat tail speedster  :)


 Make sure to visit Soma and the others in her linky!!

Have a great day!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Cat Embroidery SAL- I am Finally stitching!

I have admired the stitching of Nicole of Follow the White Bunny for quite a while and decided to play along with her newest stichalong project for a Cat Portrait.  She does beautiful stitcheries and I hope to learn quite a bit with this project   :)

I have purchased her Cat Portrait Stitch Guide and have chosen my photo and a floss palette for Miss Kittykitty so I am well on my way!!  And today...I finally got over my intimidation and started stitching a bit.

This is the picture I am using...I had to lure her to sit still with some quilt blocks, my Kittykitty loves to lie about on quilt blocks!!

And here is my Cat Portrait so far:

 She is not too impressed yet...maybe if I figure out how to add the eye "twinkle"?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shenandoah Valley Botanical Quilt October Block -

Happy October!!  I have been busy with non-sewing stuff and have been slow to post but I can't wait to show you the next block :)  I am sewing along with the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Quilt project - the pattern is provided by the Virginia Quilt Museum and all pattern sales benefit the museum. Dawn, from Collector with a Needle, and Doreen, from Aunt Reen’s Place, are hosting a quiltalong for this quilt, here.

The pattern size as provided by the museum easily makes 9 inch blocks. I am doing mine in wool so that I can make that size (8 1/2" finished), many are enlarging the pattern and all the participant's resulting blocks are well worth a pretty!  This marks a year of making these blocks...I guess I knew that as I started last October on the Pineapple blocks during our trip out west - but it still surprises me it's been that long, wow!!

This is my version of the block chosen for October, King's Crown:

 Such a pretty block, and it was one of the simpler ones too!

 It was fun to wrap the stems of the flowers around the leaves and with the texture of the wool and stitches, it's a beauty :)
 I am nearing the end of my stitching as I have worked ahead on many of these, what a wonderful journey this has been.  I am already considering the setting and how to quilt the top now...decisions, decisions!!