Friday, September 8, 2017

September Already?

Time is moving faster than I am these days!

Been awhile since I posted, but not much I can share as much has been secret sewing.  

Prayers are being lifted here for all affected by hurricane Harvey and we are watching Irma close as we have family in Florida that appear to be in the path.

I did get September's clue done for the Magnolia Mystery

 That chartreuse just wakes you up doesn't it?  :)
And here is the first of two Octavian the Octopus blocks I am planning to make from the Awesome Ocean Elizabeth Hartman pattern that Colette from What About Rheema so kindly sent me in a surprise package last week.  I held off for a couple days but the lure of a new project called me into the sewing room and demanded I make this first block this afternoon.  I am wondering if the fussy cut beady eyes may be just a bit too much??  Thank you Colette, you shouldn't have but as you can see it is entertaining me already :)

I was able to hold an octopus "hand" tentacle? one time at a visit to the Toledo Zoo when my son was small...the rascal tried very hard to remove my wristwatch.  It was very impressive to feel how strong it was!  Made me wonder if it could pull me into the tank with it...but surely the keeper wouldn't have encouraged the contact if it could have...right?