Saturday, February 18, 2012

Binding and Organizing

Ok, today is binding queen size Civil War quilt...yay!  I am done machine stitching and have started the hand work.  Even with the thimble I expect not to be able to feel key fingers by the time I'm done but plan to watch some good basketball :)
I have decided to try out the "comic backer boards" that so many have wrote about recently.  I bought the ones above from Amazon and am happy with how they do on anywhere between 1/2 yard and 3 1/2 yard cuts.  You basically just fold the selvage to the half fold lengthwise and then roll them up using 1 or 2 of the boards as the core.  Of course, you need to keep the fabric taut in order to get a nice roll...that's where my assistant comes in...

Kitty Kitty takes her work very seriously and especially enjoys the 3+ yard pieces as they afford a longer ride!
I still need organization within the shelves but Beaker will assist me with this shelf...
and this novelty bunch is probably as organized as it'll get as none really match each other anyway.

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