Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bee Blocks and Craftsy BOM done for February

 February Sew.Bee.Create Block 1
February Sew.Bee.Create Block 2 
 Bethany asked for Jewel Squares for February and I hope she thinks these will work!  I followed her suggestions to a point but found it extremely challenging to use just what she provided.  Not because she didn't have enough fabric in her packet: she had many choices, just not as much of any one fabric as I felt like I was designing to.  I actually sent back quite a bit considering I made two blocks :).   She is planning a twin size quilt and wanted scraps back.  She ironically was using some of the same fabrics as I am using for the Craftsy BOM but unfortunately I didn't have the one I most needed on the outer edge of block 1.  I ended up with a green patch and an apology that hopefully she has a four inch or so piece of the right fabric to replace it with.  I actually kind of like the patch but totally understand that I didn't follow directions...I guess my initial calculation that I had enough must have been off and the one strip I had long enough to go around the 12 1/2" block was a navy that I just couldn't bring myself to use there.  This Bee has been a learning experience for me in adapting to what is sent as I guess I have strong thoughts in which fabrics go where but need to better adapt to what fabrics (and amounts) are actually sent for me to work with.  I have a feeling that when I send my fabric packets out I will be equally challenged by how much I should send to each of these sweet ladies!
 February Craftsy BOM Block 1
February Craftsy BOM Block 2
These are my two blocks for the BOM for February.  I introduced another print in the Chevron beyond what started in my pile of fabrics and because I needed a "drama queen" I, of course, went to a Kaffe Fassett.  I have had these daisies "forever" and it was fun to put them in a block.  I am not a fan of the alternative half-square triangle method given on the first block because of the bias edges created on the outside of the finished block.  I chose to stick with making my half-squares the traditional way with 4 inch squares.  Also had to refrain from using flying geese and rectangles to simplify these blocks but the lesson was h/s's even if I flouted their methods!

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Toni said...

I haven't received my fabric yet, but I think the blocks look great!