Friday, August 29, 2014

We Break into Normal Scheduled Programming....

To show you this!!!

 Found this sweet little thing (1931 Singer)  at the flea market today and, followed me home...
I had to bring her home, just had to...I am so going to convert this to a hand crank machine...yay!  oh yay!!!
She is a bit grungey and her case needs some repair and the motor and wiring looks kind of scary...perfect candidate for a hand crank conversion  :)

Now how am I going to ignore her long enough to finish the 3 Doctor Who blocks I have left to do...oh what is a girl to do????

Tooth and Claw

This is the 17th block in my Doctor Who paper pieced quilt journey...the pattern for this one can be found here:  at Soma's site.

This was another "must-make" block as it is from one of my son's favorite episodes, Tooth and ClawSuch a good thing it was one of Soma's as well...

We are down to the last 3, my friends, almost there!! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Doctor Who Quilt Blocks so far...

I apologize for the poor quality picture, as this gets bigger it gets tougher to get a good shot and the wind really wanted to carry a few of the blocks away as I was trying!!  I am a little surprised the wind was able to move them as they all still have the paper attached and are ahem...thick..
A few of my kind readers had asked to see what my son's Doctor Who Quilt Top blocks looked like together, and, as we are nearing the end (4 MORE TO GO!!) this is getting to be an impressive grouping.  Many thanks, really!! huge gratitude!! to the designers for making this quilt possible for me to make for him!!  You don't often get to be a rock star to your teenage son ;)  (hmmm...obviously, my words not his, lol!!)

All but one of these patterns are free and can be found at these sites:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So I am now down to the last 4 blocks after completing the 16th block Gallifrey (pattern at Soma's here: struggled a bit with this one as I had a fat quarter I wanted to use for the background but about a third of the fabric was in dark purples and I really wanted the yellows and oranges with just a touch of the purple...

My connection is sketchy tonight so I will just say Happy Sewing to you and sign off here :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello Sweetie!!

This is the 15th block in my son's Doctor Who quilt, the pattern can be found at Soma's site here:

This is representing an ancient rune message from River Song to the Doctor..."Hello Sweetie!!"

I really thought I would hate making this block with so many little pieces but found it went together rather well and let me use up most of the little background scraps I had laying around from previous blocks...that Soma...brilliant, I tell you :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Time Lord

So, this is the 14th block in the Doctor Who quilt I'm putting together for my son...

Did I put a bit too much "personality" into the gown?  I have stayed with mostly muted masculine prints in this quilt and I think I might have rebelled a bit too much with this one...not looking forward to doing a redo but I am interested in how my son reacts to this one...he hasn't seen it yet...
You can find Soma's pattern here:

6 more to go...not that I'm counting...What did you all think of the new Doctor?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Scarf for the 4th Doctor

I am happy to report that the 13th block for my son's Doctor Who quilt is now done...hmmmm...that means only 7 more to go!!!
This block is in honor of my first Doctor, Tom son has not seen many episodes with the 4th Doctor but he liked what little he saw enough to buy a similar scarf at a fall festival last year so I think this is a good block to include :)
Psssst....don't tell but I "cheated" on the fringe...there were so many pieces it made my eyes cross so I did some simplification by using just a, it's not as wonderful as Caroline's version but I have maintained my sanity to move on to the next block...hopefully the boy won't notice!!