Thursday, May 14, 2015

Week 3 Farm Girl Vintage - All Caught Up

So I started the Farm Girl Vintage QAL in week 2 and made the second and third I am caught up for week 3 with block 1, 4 and 5...

 I am doing the 6 inch blocks but the directions in the book give you the option of 12 inch as well.  The book can be purchased here and Lori's blog for the QAL is here.

 This is Apron Strings from week 1
 This is Baking Day
 And this is Butter Churn

Here they are all together so far, I am going very scrappy here but am happy to get to use some Bee in My Bonnet fabrics from my stash, as well!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Quilting Along

Not much sewing around here lately but I did get a start on Bee in My Bonnet's (Lori Holt) QAL using her new book Farm Girl Vintage.

 I am planning on making the 6 inch size blocks to put together in a Sampler Quilt similar to the one on the front cover.
 This is a pattern called Autumn Star but I picked summer colors so I guess that makes mine more Summer Star-ish?
 This one is aptly named Baby Chick block...
 Our salad greens are progressing, should be able to pick and eat soon!
 Lots of growth happening right now with the rain we received this weekend...

Carrots still have a long way to go :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Go to Extremes

I have been humming the track from Billy Joel's Stormfront album..."I Go to Extremes" all afternoon.

Because of this:

A 6 inch Mariner's Compass block I made today to go with the 18 inch one made yesterday...

These blocks are made using the technique ruler found at Robin Ruth Design here.

The 6 incher went together as easily as the 18 incher did, I have to decide whether I need to make the 36" version, hehehehe...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Haven't Done any Quilting for Awhile...Better Make a Mariner's Compass

So my friend Marie loves specialty rulers.  When I saw this on Cindy's Daisy Days blog, I told her that perhaps we should play with a new technique...

emails ensued, challenges were uttered..So Marie ordered "Fat" and I ordered "Skinny"...

Here is my first skinny, made this afternoon in an 18 inch size...
 I still need to hand applique the center circle, it's just pinned for now.  Then I will need to decide...Table Topper or Quilt...

You can find the pattern and ruler to purchase as well as a good instructional video on the technique at Robin Long's site here:

I thought the directions were very thorough and clear until step 29 out of 33...I had to read that a couple of times to decide exactly where the locating pin was supposed to go.  That was my only stumbling block though and I only went from the book as my data allowance on satellite internet really doesn't allow for me to watch streaming video.  I really like her writing style and the diagrams- especially the overview diagrams- really sang to my engineer heart.

I have to admit that in this size, I think it would have been just as easy to paper piece but I am intrigued to try some of the other sizes as this is good from 6-36 inches.  I am also interested in trying the sunflower designs she is releasing in May.  All in all, I would recommend this ruler to anyone wanting to do multiple sizes and for those with paper piece phobia.  I really do like the idea that there is no paper to remove...ha!!

In other news, my husband moved our bee hives this weekend to a different location and found that sadly only one of the two has survived the winter.  We removed the honey for our own enjoyment rather than let the surviving hive steal it all...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why yes, I am still here...

 So, one week becomes two...then three...I have had some nerve pain flaring and sewing has just been starting to be feeling possible again.  I have been slowly trimming a long term project with hst's above so that I can keep a "toe" in quilting.

No excuses not to have sent a proper blog post thank you to Soma who spoiled me crazy rotten with a swap we did recently with a theme of her wonderful paper pieced leaf pattern (find it here or here).

This is the beauty that she sent me which is now hanging above my sewing space (you can see what I sent her on her post here)
Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies
These two pics are stolen from Soma's site because she photographed them so much better than I can!!!  Hope you don't mind, my friend!Raw Honey Yellow Fingerless Mitts | Whims And Fancies

Along with some other goodies (notice how the card totally coordinates with the fabric?!!  wha???!!)  and an absolutely gorgeous pair of mitts that have been keeping me warm and toasty as we wait for true Spring weather around here...

She then included a Sherlock drawing for my teen son which he immediately framed and made a vignette on his desk around.  He was happy indeed :)
Thank you Soma for a wonderful swap, you truly brightened this winter with your amazing package!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baby Quilt Done

So I have been a good little finisher this week...the Elephant Parade quilt is off to Maryland to a sweet little guy cousin and this Flower Box baby quilt is done as of this afternoon as well.  Two finishes this week...YAY!
 This is all the flowers you will see in my garden for quite awhile yet!!  I made this quilt using the tutorial from Bee in My Bonnet here.
 Straight line organic quilting again, I know, big surprise :)

I used a pale pink Robyn Pandolph backing fabric I have probably had in my stash for 10 years.  I have done pretty well using stash lately for projects, maybe it's about time to think about a trip to the fabric store, ha!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Here We Quilt Again

So it was snowing this morning when we woke up...nothing is sticking to the ground thank goodness...but isn't it the first day of Spring? Really?  So what's a girl to do but pull out her Flower Box quilt top and get to quilting...tutorial for this top can be found at Bee In My Bonnet.