Thursday, September 18, 2014

Squirrel! The One Where I Lose Focus and Drop Everything to Make a Cutie!

 Ok, so I am supposed to be finishing up my son's  Doctor Who quilt top as well as binding a queen size quilt and finishing a Halloween project for an upcoming why am I making a squirrel?
 How could I not?  Just look at that face...

Yes, I am posing him for flight here, he IS a flying squirrel..
You can find the free pattern at Mollie's site here:

I had some leftover fleece from this project:

Which worked great and makes for a very soft squirrel :)

I feel like the dog from the Disney movie Up...if you've seen it, you know what I mean... 

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Stitch Switch

I really want to finish the Doctor Who Quilt but I think I need to consider some setting options carefully before committing.  I am heavily leaning towards joining the blocks directly and adding a wide overall border...the border treatment is still being considered many ideas...can't choose which way to go.

So, of course, it must be time to start a new project!!

I was very fortunate to be included in a group of bloggers given a selection of Black Cat Crossing for the Upcoming Sew We Quilt blog hop.  My heartfelt thanks to Maywood Studio, Madame Samm, and Carol   :)  Here is the bundle I am working with:
I am normally not much of a purple fabric lover but I like the pop of color this has with those dots and stars.  And ooooooooh, there are black birds and cats.  I am well on my way to completing the top (no peeks, sorry!!) and it is looking mighty Halloween-y around here!!

 I have been enjoying this Halloween mini (yes, those are 1 inch squares!) given to me by my Aunt Karen recently...she is a very talented quilter and I have inherited a few of her beautiful things as she prepares for a move.

One of the things she gave me was her dolly from younger days...I have named her Baby Kay as that is the middle name we both share.

I know it may be ambitious, but I would like to make her some doll clothes.  Anyone have any ideas for what a beginner might be able to tackle?  I have never made doll clothes before.  For those that wonder, the rocking chair is similar vintage, it was my Mom's when she was small.

Thanks again Aunt of mine, you are loved :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All 20 Doctor Who Blocks Together At Last!

So I will save my victory dance until I actually get this joined and quilted but I thought you might enjoy seeing them all arranged pretty together...I know I did  :)

All but one of these patterns are free and can be found at these sites:

My heartfelt thanks to these designers for sharing their wonderful patterns with us!!!  I am beyond thrilled to have been able to put this together for my son to share in his interest of all things Doctor Who  :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weeping Angel - The Last of the Doctor Who Blocks Done at Last!

The Weeping Angel, my son's favorite Doctor Who villain and a requirement for his that I dreaded enough to "save" for last.  
I am not going to say this block was easy, not even going to say that it was enjoyable - though I admire the intricate details in the pattern immensely...but a bit of Eleventh Doctor style dancing complete with hands in the air may have occurred upon the finishing of this one...the pattern can be found here at Soma's site if you are brave enough, just be sure you Don't Blink!!:

I now have 20 blocks I need a break before I join them and take off all that paper!!
 This guy was trying to photobomb the completed block picture, we have a bit of frog overload around here this year...

I also managed to get some pizza sauce and grape jam canned for this winter...the pizza sauce was a last ditch effort to think of another way to use up all the Roma tomatoes we planted. It is tasty and I think it will make homemade pizza a quick dinner fix  :)

Have a good day my friends!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chameleon Arch Fob Watch

This block was a fun block to choose the fabrics for.  I used a fabric by Tim Holtz to include a clock face likeness.  I think it works well in the design and has the necessary roman numerals.  I had two sides warring as I made this block, the conservative "don't waste fabric" me which ended up winning out and the naughty fussy cut girl who wanted to cut a hole in my leftover Lizzy House yardage so I could get an Orion constellation in this background...another day, perhaps.
You can find the pattern on Soma's site here:

So I am down to the LAST one, yep...the dreaded Weeping Angel is in my may not hear from me for awhile as this is one crazy challenging block!!!   Don't blink...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Another Block done!

Conversation with my son:  

Me: Would you like your Ood to be possessed or not in the quilt block?
Son: Possessed...
Really, did I need to ask?

I think the Ood retaliated for that decision though and I had quite a bit of trouble getting this guy to go together.  Caroline's pattern can be found here:

Only 2 more to go...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bountiful Harvest

We have way too may grapes for just making jam this year and I haven't figured out how to make wine so I tried this recipe for Grape Ketchup which tastes more like a BBQ sauce to me...pretty good.  It's in one of her cookbooks but she also has it at the link above on her website.  I own both her cookbooks and I think they are great for small batch variety for our family of three. 
The other jars are a pickled banana pepper recipe in one of her cookbooks, they are supposed to sit 48 hours, so I can't comment on taste for them yet.
We are doing really well in the cantaloupe department also this year!!
I did get some sewing done last night but it is secret sewing that can't be shown until later in September, so no peeks today!
Have a great Sunday :)