Thursday, February 14, 2013

My DQS13 package came!

My DQS13 package came yesterday afternoon...

Thanks so much to Caa48 (Cynthia), I don't think she has a blog but I so appreciate that she took the time to sew for me!! Even the mailer she sent is pretty :)

And, I am mighty impressed with her fabric, no...Ms. Koseki...we haven't met before in person, but how lovely you look in pink...if you feel you need your own... I found a different colorway here at BLIJE OLIFANTJE cuz you sure aren't getting mine, lol~!
And, if you have a moment...I have decided to include a blog plug for new-to-me bloggers I notice out there once in awhile and these two deserve a look...

stop by Derrith's blog Tied Up in A Ribbon...and be sure to check out this cake...I'm in love!!

and Katie's blog Snuggle Up With A Dish From Karma I met her while "hopping" this week.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all :)

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