Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wiksten Tank and a Win

Ok, I look like a dork posing and seriously need to work on a tan but the point to this post is I have made (almost) a piece of clothing I can wear...yay!!

This is a Wiksten pdf download pattern that I found courtesy of a link from Kerry's site verykerryberry.  Now, of course, she was doing the more difficult (for me) Tova which has *gasp* sleeves but when I saw there was a simple tank pattern there, as well, I immediately thought that would be a way for me to try to make myself a piece of clothing.   Many weeks after wonderful mom-in-law Jean took me in hand and helped me get a start.  So good to get a kick in the pants for motivation sometimes ;).  Just need to put the neck and armhole binding on it now.  I had read that this was a pattern that ran big so I went with the small...I think I may try another in a medium next as this one fits but there is no "wiggle" room and since I was in a hurry to begin I failed to prewash...bad, bad, Kris  :).

My other BIG news is this...I won a custom quilting from the very talented Marcia of Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting blog.  Here is what she says I've won...

Kris wins free quilting, free batting and free thread on a little quilt. Free quilting can be over all quilting or detailed free style quilting or thread painting/quilting -- Winner's choice!
Kris can choose to have a small wall hanging quilted, a place mat, a small table runner, or table topper, 4 mug rugs or any little quilt -- no larger than 20" by 20".  Winner provides quilt top and quilt backing and shipping back and forth.

I had so much fun doing Madam Samm's Table Topper Blog Hop and this win just is icing on the cake!
I'm very excited and have an idea of what I want to ask for, more details to come!  Thanks so much Marcia!!


Tinliz said...

Way to go Kris. The tank is adorable, hope the shrink is minimal. Love the hairdo with the wisps on top. Congratulation on the win. With your recent run of luck, you really need to buy a lottery ticket.

krislovesfabric said...

Yep, keepin' it real, Hubs was overtaken by my beauty or was it all that white un-tanned skin showing and failed to time his shot in between the gusts of wind. I think the pic is ok tho, I am wearing an unfinished shirt afterall which is pretty silly anyway!

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Congrats again Kris!
Thanks for posting about it too!
Enjoy your day!