Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My First Embroidery Swap

So I've been enjoying embroidery so much lately that I decided to join a hoop swap.  The rules were anything in a 4 inch hoop and we were given some preferences as to color or motif from our partners.  Blogger doesn't want me to post this picture right side up so bear with me and go to the Flicker group Wild Olive Stitch Swap Pool to see Mollie's much better pictures...
 But this is my 4" hoop project that I sent my partner which happened to be Mollie of Wild Olive and the organizer of the swap (no pressure, lol).  I sent along some floss and chocolate as well which she took pictures of  and posted on her blog. 

And this is what I received from Clair...I love it!  What a fun package to receive all the way from Australia!  I had asked for something with a sewing theme and she sure delivered!  I love this cross-stitched spool and needle, so sweet...can't wait to put it up in my sewing room!
 The rest of the package was quite nice also including some Sweetwater charm squares...thanks so much Clair.  So I checked out her blog when I received my goodies and she has the cutest post with knit rabbits for her kids, so neat to see them lined up for inspection!  You can see them here.  I think I might be hooked on this Swap thing, when does the next one start :)

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