Thursday, December 8, 2011

FQ Stars and prizes...yay!

So I just got this picture uploaded to Flickr in time for the last drawing (ha-my Christmas project is shoved over in the corner just for the shot!)....and I won something.  How cool is that?  We just got the pattern for Block 6 so we are officially halfway through this QAL.  The button is below if you want to join us.  The latest block incorporates a cathedral window in the star which is the only way you will see me doing that technique!  Interestingly enough, we just had a tutorial on that very thing at Guild Tuesday night...suppose I should try to be more timely with this next one!  I will share my prize when I receive it.

Now back to "wrapping fabric presents"...Kate Spain's Flurry and 12 Days of Christmas fabrics look just like wrapping paper, don't they?

I am still working the borders on this one but am happy with the progress so far...I haven't run out of anything vital also truly needs a good press!


Tinliz said...

Love your Christmas packages. The fabrics sure looks like wrapping paper.

Linda said...

Congrats on winning! Love the Christmas quilt too!