Friday, July 10, 2015

And....she's back...

Hmmm...awkward transition, been awhile, eh?

No excuses, I just really needed a bloggy and yes, sewing break.  I don't know why but today is the day to break my silence.  

Missed reading all your blogs, missed your comments, inspiration and your friendship.

I am sewing again too as of today, saw this tutorial come up and knew it would be perfect for a bit of stash-busting and charity quilt sewing.  This is an older line from Sandy Gervais called Fresh Squeezed.  In the background you can see our tiny corn in the field...not a great farm year so far, too cool and wet.
I am still debating as to how to quilt it but it will be a quick sew as it is only 38 inches square.

 This is my newest machine though I need to take it in for repair...
 I inherited it from my Grandma who recently passed.  She had promised it to me years ago as I am really the only one who sews in my family.  I adore that it came with the original bill of receipt (my Grandpa bought it for her at Montgomery Ward through layaway for Christmas in 1967).  For whatever reason, it did not come with the manual so I will have to do a bit of internet digging to find one at some point.  She had lots of buttons and sewing notions which I brought home too but it still feels a bit fresh to go through them yet :(
 I will leave you with this unflattering pic of me trying to figure out how to drive my husband's newest toy...he barters for things fairly often and this is his newest trade.  I think I should stick to sewing machines, though I did get it to go..ha!

Have a great weekend!!


Patty said...

Great to have you back in the world of blogs. Fun doing a quick project - getting to done will get you motivated to work through your next project. :-)

Lara B. said...

Hi Kris!
So sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I hope her sewing machine helps you keep the happy memories strong.
Love your giant star quilt - the colors are very summery.
What were you going to do once you figured out the fork lift? LOL

Linda said...

Welcome back! I have missed you! That's a nice project to get you back in the sewing world. Can't go wrong with Sandy fabric. The pattern reminds me of a quilt book we each bought at a quilt show many years ago.
And yes, what were you going to do with the fork lift? lol

Carol Swift said...

You know I've missed you and love that you're back! I've been in a bit of a slow down mode from blogging, too, but since you always inspire me with what you make, maybe I'll get moving again. :O) I love the block, the sewing machine, and thingy you're riding. I used to work at Montgomery Wards...its where I met my hubby who worked there, too!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Welcome back! Cute little quilt~ a great back-to-sewing project. How nice to have your gran's machine, although I am sorry for your loss. In time you will use it and have some good memories too. (hugs)

Soma @ said...

Your grandmother's sewing machine is beautiful. I am sure you will continue to make new memories with it. I think you captured the essence of summer really well in that star quilt. Welcome back.

-Soma said...

Cute project. Sweet machine. Love the pic of you, on the hubby's new toy.