Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have been collecting Ayumi's Super Penguin QAL patterns since July but just now had time to make the first three...
Ice Cream Bar, Neopolitan and Watermelon Pop
As you can see they are paper pieced which is my nemesis but I just love the patterns that I see using this technique so I keep practicing.

These patterns were relatively easy and oh so cute.  Mine are done with Fig Tree Quilts Buttercup and I love them.  There is a fourth Penguin Popsicle pattern which I am going to save until I work through a few more of these blocks as it is a higher difficulty level but I think it would be perfect on the back of this quilt.

Proud moment...
Look at the way the brown chocolate print matches up in the ice cream bar...I know...what?????  Now I tell the truth...pure luck, lol!!

That watermelon pop has me intrigued...I guess these are popular in Japan...I think I would like a sample :)

You can get these patterns if you want to play along here


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

OMGosh....so cute. Think you picked the perfect fabric as well.

Ellen said...

They look great! Paper piecing definitely gets easier with practice. These are really cute!