Saturday, July 7, 2012

Working on Ironing Boards

I used this video as inspiration

to create this

 30" x 30" ironing board
This is the back before fusible fleece...I'm still waiting for the canvas to dry.  The directions called for wetting it down to shrink it and make it tight across the board.
 This is the 18" x 24" one:
and this is the back, again before the fleece is added.

I am hoping the 30 inch square one will be handy for the Mario QAL.  The starting grid will be 18 x 18 one and a half inch squares. This should fit well on this big board if I decide to go with fusible interfacing.  If not it'll still be great for pressing yardage :)

The thermometer is telling me it's 106 degrees today...I've lost count of how many 100+ days we've had this year...crazy!


Barb N said...

Those types of ironing boards are SO handy! I just don't have room for one. It's kinda ironic that you are making ironing boards in 100-degree temps! You need to concentrate on iced drinks and swimming pools.

Karen said...

These look awesome! I'm sure it will be nice to iron the whole block without having to shift, even if you don't use the interfacing. This is what I need to make. I'm still working with just a little counter top ironing board that's all lopsided left over from my college days! Ha...

Carrie P. said...

cool ironing boards. we are finally getting some relief from the heat wave.
thanks for coming by my blog during the RWB block hop. good luck in my giveaway too.