Friday, February 5, 2016

My Post for Wandering Camera

My friend Soma has cooked up another fun idea with her series Wandering Camera.   Be sure to follow the link and check out all her wonderful tips, she shares some great ones on taking low light pictures...something February in Indiana is full of!!

These pictures were taken on my walk this morning, I hope to do a better job next month of taking pictures throughout the month...procrastination, yes...I believe thy name is Kris.
 This is a picture of one of my favorite things, our windmill!  The sky is very blue this clouds in sight.
 A picture of our cornfield through one of our apple trees.
This should have been a better picture, all the beaks pointed straight at me but the digital delay caused me to lose all but this lady who was slow to get down to be let out or fed.  That's the expectation from my ladies...if I am out, I bring them food or let them out to play in the sunshine.
 I am thankful for our woodpile, yay for cozy fires in the winter.
 This is our old plow, we haven't used it in years but it is fun to look at all covered in frost.
 Truly a heavy frost, crunches under my feet this morning...
 This is my walking buddy, he is very hard to get to standstill for a shot...can you see his unhappiness that I made him stay still?
 This is what he usually looks like, my walking (running) buddy Sam.  Ok, Soma...what do I do about this??
 The light is pretty filtering through our woods.
I shall call this one...waiting for the butterflies, a frost covered Milkweed pod.

Thanks for making it down here to the end, whew!!  Have a great day!

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Cut&Alter said...

Lovely photos .... you have a lovely area to go walk in! I love your woodpile - something so wonderful about a neatly stacked woodpile! Now the milkweed plant - is that what Monarch Butterflies feed on? In NZ it the eat the swan plant.

Carol S. said...

So many beautiful photos! I loved this photo wandering around your place.

~ Dixie said...

What a great place snap picks in.
I especially like the old plow and woodpile pics and the seed pods photos.
What great time Sam is having dashing about.
I'm visiting from Soma's Wandering Camera. said...

Great pictures. I will not show the hubby your windmill, or I could forsee a midnight raid at your house to pilfer the mill. He wants one in the worst way.

Soma @ said...

Such a lovely morning walk, Kris and you captured that early morning glow in your photos so beautifully. Sam's photos made me laugh. He looks so serene in one and then off he goes. I rather like that blurry photo of him :)

Thanks so much for linking up!!


Jeanie said...

Beautiful shots, Kris! I think people sometimes think that IN isn't very scenic, but that just isn't abounds!

Ruth said...

Action shots of Sam are fun! For wilbur food works to keep him still, for charly its a ball. Some days nothing works!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Wow.... these are all really lovely pictures!
The windmill looks like it jumped right off of a postcard.
Thank you for sharing the natural beauty that surrounds you.
It was lots of fun to see!

September Violets said...

These photos are beautiful! What a lovely farm to wander through from fields to forest. I do recognize that look on Sam's face of pulled back ears and taught mouth ... my dog has the same look when he's getting a talking to!

Patty D from NC said...

I love all of these photos - the farm is lovely in the winter!

Kathy said...

Beautiful! I love the cornfield through the apple tree.

Needled Mom said...

Those are wonderful. Soma is going to love these.

Lara B. said...

The frost and the light makes all your photos look magical Kris. It made me want to be on that walk with you & Sam!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

I'm joining Wandering Camera too, and you inspire me! I linked to some regular posts for January...procrastination your name is also Jennifer! But for February I hope to take photos of my world, as you have done. Thanks for the lovely inspiration.