Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wandering Camera - Month 4

We are back around to that time again, wow!    Time to link up again with my friend Soma's  series Wandering Camera.   Be sure to follow the link and check out all her wonderful tips, this month she shares about the subject of Aperture.  Weather has been my challenge this month as I feel like Goldilocks trying to find a day that's not too wet or a time too bright or what have you.  Bah! :)
  These pictures were taken on my walks the last couple of mornings...

 The grapes are starting to unfurl some foliage.
 Peony buds are starting to appear...much to my delight and unfortunately the wasps seem delighted as well - I am trying a paper lunch bag decoy idea I saw posted online that is supposed to ward them off as they think the bag is a hornet's nest.  Anyone know if it will work?  So far, it's been too rainy to confirm around here!
 These little posies are usually prettier, they are a bit muddled by all the rain, I have that in common with them :)
 Anyone have any good rhubarb recipes?  I made a strawberry rhubarb pie last weekend but I obviously need more recipes as my husband has a green thumb with regards to rhubarb, it seems.  He has his eye on trying rhubarb wine.
 My poppies have just about surrounded the lone tulip in my garden, we don't have much luck with tulips as the squirrels like to dig them up and take, bite.  Sigh.
 The little azalea is looking to have lots of buds, yay!
 Our pear blooms have faded and fallen away but now it is the apple trees time to shine!
  Thanks for wandering along with me today and make sure to wander with all the others linking up at:

Soma's May Wandering Camera Post


Patty D from NC said...

Your yard is looking like spring has arrived. Loved all the pictures. I've no recipes for you - frankly, I don't think I've ever had rhubarb!

Little Quiltsong said...

Love seeing all the beautiful pictures of your yard awakening for the spring season. I miss my Rhubarb plants. I still need to plant some at our new place in town.

Soma @ said...

Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera. You have a beautiful garden, Kris! Love seeing the photos from your walk. So pretty and green. Thanks for reminding me to stop by one of the winery-fields here for a photo :)

-Soma said...

I am envious of your rhubarb. Mine is kind of small. My mom makes strawberry rhubarb jam.

Carol S. said...

Beautiful photos this month! No rhubarb recipes from me...I don't like it. :O)

Ruth said...

Rhubarb wine sounds great fun! We usually have rhubarb crumble rather than apple with some whipped cream!

~ Dixie said...

Lovely photos! So nice to see that spring is weaving its magic.