Friday, May 23, 2014

Time for a Teddy Bear

I have had this guy done for awhile but waited for Wendi from Shiny Happy World to release the pattern as it was part of the Cuddle Club series.

Here he is in my sewing room mess...

And here he is sunning himself on the patio...

This is a pattern from the Cuddle Club at Shiny Happy World.  It was a pretty easy sew and I really like the warm brown color of the fur.  The muzzle was fun to stitch and embroider and he's very soft and cuddly :)  She has added lots of touchably soft features like suede on the footpads and hands that make this a really fun guy to hold.

I have good news from my gardens as things are finally starting to bloom around here, feels a bit late this year but we will take it:
 and the poppy plants and peonies are not far behind, yay!!


  1. Your bear is adorable. I am sure glad that spring is finally here. My honeysuckle is blooming, so the humming birds should not be far behind.

  2. Your bear is very cute! He looks like he has a secret to keep with that little smirk on his face.

  3. That bear is just so sweet!

  4. Eddie turned out so cute! Thanks for the mention. And I'm totally jealous of your peonies! :-)

  5. So very cute! I am so tempted to join this one but my kids are too old for softies.

  6. Cute bear but your plant on top reminds me of my Great grandmother's house. She called them honeysuckle, but I have never been able to find one like it.

  7. Another cutest fuzzy one from your sewing room! I love seeing them. The flowers are looking so pretty, Kris!! Enjoy your garden :)