Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So I have been busy making hexies and watching college basketball...a good match it seems...

I have a bit of this:

Jane from Jane's Fabrics and Quilts has launched a new set of hexie templates that I really wanted to try so I ordered them up here 

This is a picture of one from her blog since mine are all currently wrapped up in fabric, lol!!

And this is her description of them...
They are not made of paper but of a heat resistant plastic. 
They are laser cut.
Perfect edges.
Hole in the middle for your pin. Able to withstand ironing.
Fit perfectly together.
can be used over and over again!
My description:
I am in love with them :)  I found this size to be perfect for the charm square pack I was using...I just cut the 5 inch charms into (4) 2 1/2 inch squares, nipped off the corners and made hexies! 
 Sorry for the low quality photos...our power went out for awhile here this evening...For inquiring minds, I like to use hand quilting thread for the's nice and thick so easy to remove once they are all sewn together...
The template plastic is easier, in my opinion to sew hexie to hexie because I have a tendency to sew through the paper on that step if using paper templates.  It was easy to feel where to stitch with these but they are flexible enough to bend as you stitch.

I am making good progress on this project, but I could not resist a couple just-for-fun fussies...

If you are looking for my post for the Stitch Me Up Blog hop it's here (psst...giveaway ending soon!) and the rest of the schedule can be found here


Scrapatches said...

Cute hexies. I definitely like the idea that these plastic templates are reusable. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

Karen said...

Love the hexies! I haven't been brave enough to try them yet. But yours look so scrumptious I mat have to dive in! :)

Val Spiers said...

Very nice hexies. The reusable templates look handy.

Brenda said...

Your hexies are wonderful! Thanks for the heads up on these templates must give them a try!